Sundry Monday Thoughts

My daughter informed me that I’m going to be a grandfather again. I think the baby is due this summer. I really do like this grandfather business. A part of me hopes she moves back to this area.

About New Orleans: When a signing goes well in New Orleans, and the weather is good as it was this past weekend, I’m energized. There’s always something interesting to see. Friday, I watched groups of wildly dressed youths riding bicycles down the street like flocks of seagulls. A lady pushing a baby carriage introduced herself to me as the Jesus type of homeless person, and asked me if I could write a chldren’s book about her babies. “Perhaps,” I said. Well, she wheeled the buggy around and in it I saw a row of dolls. Interesting. As usual, most of the people I sold to in New Orleans were not local and came from all parts of the country.

I’ve been listening to Darrell Scott recently. He is an songwriter with such depth to his lyrics. His song, “Hank William’s Ghost” won Song of the Year ( I think in Nashville). It’s a song about one’s thoughts in the early morning. I don’t have the lyrics yet, and I could not find a site that did. Here is what Darrell Scott said about how he wrote the song:

“A guitar maker friend of mine named gray burchette from north carolina sent a baritone acoustic guitar that he had made for me one august morning—- when i opened the new guitar i started to write this song as if the song were in the guitar and i just had to hang on as it came out—– it was something that had been building up in me to say for a while; basically, the realization that i am as screwed up as can be even though my artsy lofty thoughts allow me to float high above my troubles and shortcomings, sometimes—-but at the end of the day or top o’ the morn, i am as human as they come—– also, i have always marveled at early morning’s meanderings…oh the cruelty . . .”

Schedule This Week: Today is the long day at the college. Tomorrow, I’ll be immersed in an editing job. For those editing jobs I usually vanish to a writing coffee shop or cut off phones, etc. Wedness is college, catch-up, and prepare for another long weekend. Thursday, I’ll be at the West Feliciana Parish Library in St. Francisville. Friday afternoon, at the library in Arcadia, then Friday night at the Barnes and Noble in Shreveport. Saturday, I go to the Sam’s Club in Baton Rouge. Then of course, Sunday will be spent here, catching up and preparing for college again. Busy, but I should be able to post a blog every day this week.