Valentine’s Day 2007

Today is Valentine’s Day, which in Morehouse Parish is spent in kids picking up delivered valentines–huge bears, balloons, flowers, baskets full of cokes and chocolates, and other items. Though some schools in Northeast Louisiana do not allow deliveries, Morehouse Parish does. I think it’s a good idea here. The custom is definitely a boost to our rural economy and an exciting day for the kids. Their faces beam as they carry about their gifts. True, not much will get done in academics, but aren’t we supposed to nurture the “whole” student? I do try to teach them the history of Valentine’s Day, and I try to ooh and aw over their gifts. It’s a day that makes them feel special.

Valentine’s Day: A day for romance, of gifts, kisses, and poems. A day that helps us think of “love.” It’s a shame it only happens once a year.