Types of Slavery

After finishing Anthem by Ayn Rand and discussing with my students the horrid world of the dystopian novels, one of my students made this observation: “It’s like the whole society is enslaved.” That led to a discussion about types of slavery. Then this morning I found a news article that pointed out there are three types: Political slavery (when one nation conquers another), civil slavery (when a government enslaves its own people by taking away rights, etc), and domestic slavery (when one man is subjected to another man, i.e., considered property, or used for work purposes, possibly even a bad marriage could be a type of slavery).

As it’s February, Black History Month, the slavery discussion is relevant. I’m using many articles from a great site called, Issues & Views–So You Still Think All Blacks Think Alike? This site is based in Washington D.C. and the articles are written by black conservatives. Excellent material! You can visit this site here:
http://www.issues-views.com/ Do your students a favor and tell them about it too.