Tuesday’s Sundry Thoughts

Kathy Patrick’s Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferson, Texas:

Photos of the “Ball of Hair” held at the Bull Durham Playhouse in Jefferson, Texas are being posted now. There will be six galleries total at this site: http://easttexastowns.com/siteMOL/MainPage2.cfm

Yours truly is in some of them. The costumes and hairdos were wild! Here is one of me with the Houston Chapter of the Pulpwood Queens. Yes, I wore my kilt that night. As I said earlier, I’ll have several postings about this event and the wonderful people/authors I met.


Book Signing News & Schedule:

Friday, I have a signing beginning Friday morning at Waldenbooks in the Alexandria mall. That night I’ll be meeting with some friends and contacts to discuss my work and writing. Saturday, I and the beautiful and talented Bonnie Barnes will be presenting a program to Louisiana Librarians at their Midwinter Conference. Our presentation is entitled, “Wickis, Webcasts, and Writing.”

On that note, I have my own Wiki for my children’s book, Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House. If you have children who have read the book, there is a great writing exercise they can do. The Wiki site is at http://rickeypittman.pbwiki.com/ If you would like the password so that your children can complete the exercise, email me at rickeyp@bayou.com.

Robert E. Lee’s Birthday

I feel a little bit of irony in pointing out that yesterday (January 21) was the birthday of Robert E. Lee. He is a man who should be honored. He loved and served his country, his family, and his state of Virginia. Unlike some other politicians and military leaders, he maintained his integrity and morality all his life. He did not own slaves, nor did he believe in slavery. You should investigate his life. There’s plenty of good biographies about him. Many schools and geographical locations bear his name, and they should be proud to do so.

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