Bloody Dawn: A Documentary & Return from Jefferson

Jed Marum is more than a friend: he is an inspiration and the finest Irish and Civil War guitarist and songwriter I’ve ever known. I just received this note of a newly released documentary on the burning of Lawrence, Kansas that features some of his original music. (If you’ve heard my own Civil War program or show, you’ve heard me do some of Jed’s songs). Do yourself a favor and check out this trailer for the documentary. Here is Jed’s note:

One of the recent projects I’ve worked on is a film called BLOODY DAWN. It has just been released and is currently making a series of premier and festival showings around the US. It will be later be released to television and DVD and I will spread the word when that happens (probably next fall).

You can view the film’s trailer on Youtube at this link

BLOODY DAWN is documentary that retells the story of the Lawrence Raid, led by William Quantrill and 450 renegade riders. The film uses narrative, interviews with historical experts and dramatic reenactment to tell the tale. They have licensed 4 of my recordings for use in the film and I am currently working with them on some of the incidental music. You’ll hear some of my song, ONE BLOODY FRIDAY in the trailer.

Please take a look at the Youtube clip and also please rate and comment. Ratings and comments help with the Youtube rankings – which in turn helps draw more traffic.

And finally I ask that you please pass on this news to folks you think will have an interest.


– Jed

Book Signing News: I just returned this morning to Monroe from spending four days in Jefferson, Texas at Kathy Patrick’s Girlfriend Weekend. So much was accomplished and I met so many wonderful writers, artists and others associated with the publishing world that I’m sure to have many posts about this event, so do check back with me.