Tuesday Tidings and Thoughts


Here are some photos of my weekend as the featured speaker and performer for “Down Home in the Delta”, 57th Annual Mississippi Division, Children of the Confederacy Convention, June 6-7, 2008.

First of all, here is the Confederate Memorial constructed by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and and the group of Confederate graves surrounding it. The men buried here came from all over the South. It was a ceremony entirely led by the Children and was very touching.

greenville cemetery

Next we have one of me, making my speech at the Greenville Yacht Club. Next to me is the President, Richard Fairchild (he also had a twin brother there) and Hannah Bariola, Convention Chairman.


Here are two photos of me and some of the group gathered in the Greenville Inn Courtyard, swapping ghost tales! Kathy is the pretty lady in the second photo. Her daughter, Kaley Anderson, is the Division Chaplain.


kathy anderson

Here I am with Alicia Bariola, the Chapter Director for the Mississippi Swamp Rangers Chapter of the Children of the Confederacy. She is the one in charge of planning and organizing the whole wonderful weekend.


And finally, here I stand with Andy Hoszowski, a very interesting, knowledgeable, and talented fellow, devoted to the Confederate Cause. He also works with theatre and we are talking about creating a production of the Jim Limber story in Greenville in the future. I’ve got to get to writing.

andy hoszowski

I’M A GRANDFATHER AGAIN! – My daughter Rachel gave birth to Davis Stewart Shelby. Here are the details:

Birthday     6/6/2008
Time of Birth     5:32 PM
Weight     6 lbs, 12 ozs
Length     19 in

And here’s a little photo.

davis stewart shelby

Looks like he’s attempting to make his first Confederate salute!

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