Thoughts on Leaving Greenville

By the time you read this, unless you’re a real night owl, I’ll be leaving Greenville and on my way back to Monroe after a packed, fun-filled weekend with the Mississippi Division of the Children of the Confederacy.  I have made so many new friends, and as usual when I’m around people who love history, learned so much.  Today, I mostly performed with my guitar for the CofC, though I did manage to drive a little bit around Greenville. Here is a photo of the Greenville Inn and Suites where I stayed, followed by a photo of the Greenville Yacht Club, built over the beautiful Mississippi River,  where I spent most of yesterday and today.

greenville innn

yacht club

I went to see Greenville’s famous carousel on Main Street and met with the director of the Greenville Arts Council. Here is a photo of Alvin Simmons and the carousel.  Alvin has worked with the  Arts Council and the carousel for a year.  The second photo is of Alvin next to the steam engine that used to power the carousel.


steam engine

You can read an article about the carousel and its fascinating history here:

From the Children’s Museum and the Carousel, I drove to McCormick’s Book Inn again for Elisabeth Payne Rosen’s book signing of her novel, Hallam’s War. (Civil War Novel) She was very friendly, and I enjoyed meeting her and talking to her about writing and especially writing about the great War.  You can see her tour and a very brief bio of her here:

People photos of my trip will follow in other posts. At the moment, I’m in the little dining room/lobby, watching Fox News. I was in my room, but was growing sleepy. I decided I needed to use my time and not turn in too early, so I grabbed a Diet Coke and my laptop and came here. I’m slightly manic from the excitement and adrenalin of the weekend now, so I doubt I’ll go to sleep. Perhaps I’ll get some writing done. Perhaps I’ll go walking and looking for ghosts. After all, when it grows dark, not everyone you see in Greenville is alive.