Thirty Days to Halloween, Day 16: Writing Horror, A Handbook – A short review


Writing Horror: A Handbook by the Horror Writers Association was edited by Mort Castle. (I’ve always liked the name, Mort or Mortimer. It means executioner!)  For my readers who want to write horror fiction (and creative nonfiction), this book will prove very useful because of its practical and inspirational instruction. As the back cover blurb says, “Here you have it all: guidance on ideas, research and work-related reading; advice fr creating the elements of story; and analysis of the roles of passion, sex, and madness in powerful horror fiction.”

This book and the resources it provides will help you understand the appeal of writing and reading horror and how we can find our story ideas “in the mirror.” There’s an interview with Stephen King, there are insights into the concepts of horror, the new innovations of horror, and how to market horror writing. There’s also a fine reading on how to write horror for children, with do’s and don’ts.

There’s many good YouTube videos on writing horror, but I thought I’d share this one: