Stonewall Jackson Quotations

I have selected some quotations from Richard Williams’ fine book, Stonewall Jackson: The Black Man’s Friend, which I reviewed yesterday.  These quotations that may provide new insights into Jackson and pique interest in Williams’ book and the many topics it addresses.

“The North, no less than the South, was responsible and suffered for the evils of slavery” (p. 33)

“Both of Jackson’s great-grandparents had come to America ‘under a seven-year indenture’ ” (74)

“He [Jackson} was an avid reader. By 1861, his library consisted of 122 books . . .” (98)

From reading William’s book (in text and in his notes), you can also learn about:

1) Carter G.  Woodson, a son of a slave who is considered the father of black history and is credited for initiating Black HIstory Month.

2) Uncle Lewis, the first black chaplain for the (Confederate) Army; John Jasper, the first black war-hospital chaplain (for Chimborazo hospital in Richmond).

3) How Jackson’s church, colored Sunday school, and Jackson’s mentors positively affected the future of education and race relations in Virginia.

Here was a great quotation of Frederick Douglas that Williams included:

“Once you learn to read you will forever be free.”

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