Song Lyrics: “Let Her Go” by Jeff Talmadge

I’ve solidly become a devoted fan of Jeff Talmadge. You can find out more about this talented musician and songwriter here. Be sure and read the reviews page. The writers quoted there are far more eloquent than I can be, but I know there’s something about his music that touches the heart the way few others can. If I can, I’m going to obtain all his music. Here is a touching song I just heard on the Americana cable station. I purchased the song from iTunes. I transcribed it from that, so if I’ve made an error in the lyrics, please let me know.

“Let Her Go” by Jeff Talmadge

It’s a puzzle,
It’s a riddle
What is always here and always gone
You’re standing at the end
But you couldn’t see the middle,
Now the shortest distance seems so long.

You gotta let her go
Oh, let her (it) go
Put her smiles behind you
Put some miles behind you
Put those miles behind you
Let her go, oh, let her go

What’s the sound of
One heart beating
And if a tear falls in a forest?
Does anybody hear?
And when your dream is stolen
There’s no sleeping
You can’t hang on to
Something that’s not here



There’s just one thing that last forever
She’s not coming back.

The sun still shines and the rain still falls
When you wake up tomorrow,
The wind’s still going to blow
And I know it’s true those nights can last forever
But they’ll get shorter if you’ll only let her go.