Song Lyrics: “I Still Miss Someone” by Johnny Cash

I was listening to a CD of Johnny Cash, and I was reminded of this song, one I intend to add to my Americana show. Cash’s voice was one of the voices frequently heard in my house. Come to think of it, growing up I probably knew the names of more country singers than I did Presidents. Anyway, this song has always meant something to me, so I decided to post it. Several others have done good versions of it as well (Emmylou Harris for one).

“I Still Miss Someone” by Johnny Cash and Roy Cash, Jr.

At my door the leaves are falling
A cold wild wind has come
Sweethearts walk by together
And I still miss someone

I go out on a party
And look for a little fun
But I find a darkened corner
because I still miss someone

Oh, no I never got over those blues eyes
I see them everywhere
I miss those arms that held me
When all the love was there

I wonder if she’s sorry
For leavin’ what we’d begun
There’s someone for me somewhere
And I still miss someone

SATURDAY, FEB. 14, VALENTINE’S NIGHT AT THE DIXIE THEATRE! We had a grand time. Our band, Angus-Duhbghall, opened for Legacy, the award winning Irish band.  I’ve been a little behind on my posts, due to a busy schedule at the colleges, my beloved iBook dying suddenly, and practicing for the Celtic Valentine Night, but I’ll get back on task and promise to try to make some quality posts. As soon as I get some photos of the event, I’ll post them.