Saturday, in Montgomery

The First White House of the Confederacy

Yesterday afternoon, I visited the White House of the Confederacy. It was my first visit there, and just like my visit to Rosemont, it took my breath away. This afternoon I’m performing at the General Forrest Shin-dig in Selma, and visiting the Holy Ground Battleground off of highway 80, a battle that took place between the Creeks and American forces. According to this site the grounds were the site of the 1813 battle between Creeks led by Red Eagle and American forces under General Claiborne with Pushmataha’s Choctaws as allies. The Americans killed 21 Creeks and forced the rest into the Alabama River and surrounding swamps. Red Eagle was the last Creek to retreat. He escaped by leaping his gray horse, Arrow, from a 12-foot bluff into the Alabama River and swimming to the opposite shore with his rifle over his head, while bullets spattered around him. You can find an excellent short article about the Red Stick War here:

Here are three photos of the House of the Confederacy. Feel free to use them for your own presentations.

Here I am with Eve, the lady who ran the facility. She also presents school programs related to our Founding Fathers. She was sharp and witty, calling herself a “bad Czek,” (She is an immigrant, reborn again in the South coming through the port of New Orleans. She now considers herself a Southern Belle).


Here is the White House itself, followed by the sign with a brief history of the house. I was so happy that the Confederate White House is directly across from the Alabama State Capitol.

white house

white house sign