Notes from Montgomery and Selma

Just wanted to post some photos and quick notes about my trip. Saturday morning, I visited the Hank Williams Museum on Commerce Street in Montgomery. Now, youve got to understand, I was raised hearing this man’s records, and hearing my daddy sing his songs. The first songs I learned on my guitar were Hank’s songs. It was fascinating to see mementos and artifacts of this Country Music Legend. There museum’s website is here: Here is a photo of the museum, followed by a wooden statue of the famous Kawliga.

hank willism museum

Here is the famous wooden Indian, Kawliga! He stands just inside the museum.  Numerous performers have done versions of this song.


From the museum, I found the Holy Ground Battlefield. Here is a photo of Nell, the park’s gatekeeper. She is also a Civil War writer. She allowed me to play her a couple of tunes.


Here is the famous bluff where Red Eagle and his horse jumped into the river to avoid capture.


Finally, arrived at Fort Dixie, just outside of Selma, for the General Forrest celebration.


A cannon was fired in salute of General Forrest memory and again after I performed my song, “Cry, Little Artillery Man.”


I’ll have more photos and information on the General Forrest Celebration in future posts.