Return from Mobile, Thanksgiving Week

Well, both Barnes and Nobles were sell-outs. Again, through the people I’m meeting, I find serendipity is knocking at my door.  I can’t say much about it, but a publishing opportunity for some Civil War music/songs in a book form has come my way through someone I met who works for a music publishing company. I also have nearly finished my next children’s book, The Little Confederate’s Night Before Christmas.
I absolutely love Mobile. I’ll have another weekend there schedule in the near future at the three Books-A-Million in the area (one in Daphne and two on Airport Road in Mobile) as  soon as they work out this little fluke of their not receiving my books with their distributing company.  I’m SURE it is a clerical error of some kind, but it shouldn’t happen, ESPECIALLY with my books!

The Barnes and Noble in Spanish Fort was a wonderful experience. Not only did I sign and sell all the books of mine the store had, at least three times I played my guitar and read stories for the many children present for Story Time.  Spanish Fort is a suburb (I guess) of Mobile. The Barnes and Noble store is located in a huge mall/shopping center that is beautiful. There were tons of people, and the weather was perfect.  Driving home, I saw the moon hanging  like a sad memory over the bay, and I changed my route going home so I could see some neighborhoods and drive by the university. (I did meet several students from the university).  I also stopped by the BAM on Airport Road where the General Manager works so they could meet me. Today will be the usual Sunday, with time spent preparing for the university Monday. This Wednesday, we’re going to my daughter’s house for Thanksgiving. I’ll stay on after Thanksgiving because Friday I have Sam’s Club signings in Slidell, LA and Gulfport, MS; and Saturday in Harvey, Louisiana (New Orleans area) and then I’ll return home late again Saturday night. Busy week for sure. I’m getting to know those Mississippi highways.