Mobile, Alabama

I had another sell-out at the Barnes and Noble in Mobile on Airport. I arrived there a little before noon and left a little after 8 pm. It was a fun, but long, day, and I met lots of cool people. I checked into an Econo Lodge off Airport Road when I left. Am very tired. Another busy signing day tomorrow at the Barnes and Noble at Spanish Fort, then the long drive back to Monroe. Here is Holly, a teacher, and a new friend who purchased my book. I’ve talked to so many people today that my head is spinning.  But oh, it looks like I’m going to be interviewed on NPR soon!


One thought on “Mobile, Alabama

  1. After reading this book, I was speechless! As soon as I got back to my classroom this morning I read it to my class. The look on my 3rd graders’ faces was priceless. They were amazed that Jim just vanished and was never found! As I am typing this, the children are writing what they think happened to Jim and also drawing a picture of how they think he looked when he was older.
    Mr. Pittman, thank you so much for sharing this story with us! It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to reading more of you work. I’m also going to talk to my administrators about possibly having you as a guest at our school.

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