Prairie Vista Middle School Visit

This past April 23-24, I presented my Scottish and my Civil War programs at Prairie Vista Middle School that’s part of Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD. Tanya Plocica is the library media specialist there and she is doing an outstanding job. She said my program was a hit with the students and that they are still talking about it. You can see more of the school here:

Here are three photos of my two days at the middle school, posted on the school’s website. I’m surprised at how interested the kids are in “flags” and how flags can be effective teaching tools. The first photo is of me in a kilt, teaching the students the difference between the Royal Flag of Scotland and the National Flag.

scottish flags

Here, I’m teaching them about the Bonnie Blue flag and my beloved Sons of Erin flag of the 10th Tennessee.

Bonnie Blue

10th Tennessee

By this next fall, I’ll have a Texas History program, and the flags of Texas will be a major part of that program as well, along with a show and tell table of objects and artifacts and of course, music.


Tomorrow, I’ll be presenting my Scots-Irish program at the Lincoln Parish Library. Vivian McCain is the director there. Below is the library’s advertisement of the event. Here is the libraries site:


From that event, I’ll drive on to Bellmead, Texas. You can read about the “Battle for Lake Bellmead” here:

I’ll be the speaker for a workshop at their annual Ladies Tea there. Here is my subject:

“Taking Pen in Hand”: The Importance of the Written Word to Living History

Designed to provide guidelines for reenactors to help their writing bring family history to life, to create historical fiction and Civil War poetry, and to develop the reenactor’s living history persona. I am so looking forward to this weekend! Say a prayer for good weather.