Patrick Cleburne: Stonewall of the West

Patrick Cleburne: The Stonewall of the West

This post resulted from a series I’m writing, Confederate Generals: Texas Legacy. Not too far from Texomaland where I write articles for my Civil War column, TGIF Weekend Bandit, is the little town of Cleburne, Texas. Cleburne is the county seat of Johnson County. The town was named after Irish-Arkansas general, Patrick Cleburne, known as the Stonewall of the West. After the Civil War, many soldiers who had loved and served under Cleburne found themselves on the wagon roads and cattle trails in this locale and they decided to name the new town in Cleburne

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  1. You may have already read “The Widow Of The South”, by Robert Hicks. It’s about Carrie McGavock, whose home becomes the hospital for the woulded soldiers of the Battle of Franklin. It mentions the six generals laid on her porch. I’m not sure but I think one of my g-g-grandfathers fought for the South in that battle. I’ll be buying Jed Marum’s CD. Thanks for sharing the lyrics with us!

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