On this day . . . The Civil War

Today, in Biloxi, Beauvoir, the home of Jefferson Davis is being rededicated. Hurricane Katrina had caused it extensive damage, but now the restoration is complete. I know that hundreds of devoted Southerners are there today. Alas, I was unable to go due to the college class I’m teaching at Delta, but all my friends attending there today know my thoughts are with them. Hopefully I can post some photos of the event. Today, June 3, is also Jefferson Davis’s birthday.

You can read all about the beautiful and beloved Beauvoir here:

Yes, I’m teaching an Academic Seminar at Delta for the first summer session. The class is from 9:45-11:50 a.m. Mon. – Thurs. I haven’t made up my mind if I’m going to teach in July or not. Likely, I’ll be on the road promoting my books, but we’ll see. I have a great group of students for this class. This is the first time I’ve taught ACSE, so I’m learning right along with the students. I taught them today how to use EBSCO and other data bases, we formatted a practice essay in MLA style, introduced them to Blackboard, to easybib.com (an automatic bibliography composer), to Diana Hacker’s wonderful writing site,