Book Tours

I’m in one of my manic, so excited I’m crazy, planning moods. I confess to being a dreamer, stumbling through my life hoping my brothers don’t throw me in the well like they did Joseph. Here are some tours I’m planning that I’ve resolved to make happen in my future.  I realize that these tours require resources that I currently don’t have, but I’m starting to put together promotion plans on all of them. One thing is certain: If I don’t do something different, nothing changes. I know too that I’ll have more books out in the future, so hopefully this will help me accomplish these dreams.

An Author’s March to the Sea: This book campaign will follow Sherman’s March to the Sea, focusing on book signings and musical programs and author presentations in every town that Sherman’s Bummers went through. It is a symbolic tour, but one I feel I need to make. I will contact all media, bookstores, libraries, SCV and UDC and other organizations, universities and schools along the way.

The Road to Richmond: This tour will target major southeastern cities and will end in a major campaign in Richmond, VA. Media, libraries, organizations, schools, universities etc., will be targeted. This too is a symbolic tour.

Into the West: This title is borrowed from a CD by my friend, Jed Marum. I will start in Texas and go as far west as I can. I hope to at least reach Arizona, perhaps even California again. I hope to reach some border areas as well.

The Gulf Coast Tour: This tour will begin in Houston and take me east along the Gulf Coast, hopefully all the way to Key West.

From the Mountains to the Great Plains Tour: With this tour I will focus on, Arkansas, the major cities of Oklahoma (When I told a friend of this, he asked me, “Both major cities?”), Kansas, and hopefully reach Colorado.

A Tour of the British Isles: This campaign will emphasize Ireland and Scotland. I want to do at least a two-week tour here promoting my books and a Civil War Music Show. I think both will go over well here.

* I must not forget to include Scottish and Irish festivals as target events during all of these tours.