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Ach! I’ve been gone too long. Behind a couple of days on my posting. Here’s the scoop:

Wednesday and Thursday were spent mostly doing paperwork for some online college courses I hope to teach this next year. I’m still behind on it. Now that we’re in 2008, I’ve also got tax preparation to start thinking about. That’s about two days of work, just to get everything ready for my CPA .


Friday and Saturday: I left Monroe EARLY at 5:00 am to arrive at the New Orleans French Quarter by 9:45 a.m. I had very successful signings at the Friends of the Cabildo Bookstore (Jackson Square) and A-Tisket-a-Tasket (Decatur) both days, the Cabildo in the mornings and Tisket in the afternoons. As usual, I made many contacts, and I am now proud to say, my photograph (an 8 x 10) has joined those of other authors (some quite famous) who have signed at A-Tisket-a-Tasket in the French Quarter. This trip I was signing both of my books: Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House and Stories of the Confederate South.

Friday night, I visited my friends in Assumption Parish. At the home of Michele Aucoin, we had quite a soirée. Along with three super-talented guitarists/singers and just genuinely good guys–Krushev, Chuck, and Lynn–I played music till nearly midnight–classics, folk, country, and some ballads I haven’t played or heard in years and some other songs that are hard to classify. Michele prepared a wonderful spread of food (those Cajuns in South Lousiana ALWAYS have good food). Also present were of course, Michele, and her friends, Lisa, Gail, and Carla, four beautiful and witty women.

MASON’S BIRTHDAY: While I was in New Orleans, my grandson turned three Saturday, Jan. 5. He calls me Popi, though spellings in the family have varied from poppy to poppie or poppi. I may be the first popi in our family!

Here’s a description of the parade he attended for his birthday. I talked to him on the phone and he was so excited about it. I obtained this quote from

“Mardi Gras comes early this year. On Jan. 5 at 1 p.m., the Krewe de la Dauphine kicks off Mardi Gras festivities for Mobile on Dauphin Island with a family-friendly parade themed “Hooray for the Holidays” a fitting title as the parade begins only four days from New Year’s Day. The procession will include a St. Patrick’s Day float, Halloween float, Christmas float and, naturally, a Mardi Gras float.”

Here is a poem I wrote for Mason’s third birthday:

Mason’s Third Birthday: January 5, 2008

Our little man celebrated
His third birthday at school,
Miss Mary, his teacher,
Giving his class cupcakes and ice cream.
(Cupcakes pronounced with t’s)
The next day, to Dauphin Island, Alabama,
The birthplace of Mardi Gras,
Seeing a Mardi Gras parade with
Bands and musicians that
Made him hop with excitement,
His Popi wished he could have seen him,
Catching beads, laughing at the crowds,
Seeing the shrimp boats in the distance,
Holding his mother’s or father’s hand at moments,
Holding as tightly as he’s always
Held his Popi’s heart.

Well, enough for now. Tomorrow, I’ll post some notes I made on my experience in the French Quarter. Be sure and check back.

2 thoughts on “News of New Orleans Trip

  1. Hey Mr. Pittman! Long time, no talk! I see that you’ve been doing well. I’m glad things are picking up for you. I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s. A fresh start, a new day.

    I’ve been writing poems lately. Here’s a poem for you to read! Tell me what you think!

    “Crimson Stained White”

    On that day, the crimson stained the white.
    The pristine glistening of the essence of life.
    It had been laid before my eyes.
    Oh, what a glorious sight!

    The smell of roses lingered in the air.
    It was the smell from your hair.
    The petals from overe there
    Just beyond that small tear.

    A smile lingered on my face;
    One that only time would erase.
    I touched the blood to my finger for a small taste.
    It’s such a precious waste!

    On that day, the crimson stained white.
    The pristine glistening of the essence of life.
    I think back to that time with such delight.
    The day that I took your life.

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