Book Signings: Notes from the French Quarter

These are some notes I made during my book signings this weekend at the French Quarter. I wasn’t able to make many because I was constantly talking to people. From 10 am till 4:30 both days. I had my phone cut off most of the time as I was unable to make many calls. Someone would always walk up to the table as I was talking. I did manage to talk to the Hastings Bookstore in Baton Rouge and the to Books-a-Million in Baton Rouge. The BAM has my books in and I ought to have a good signing there this next Saturday. 6-7 hours may seem like a long time to sit and talk and hustle sales, but for me the time seems to fly by. It’s the 5-6 hour drive back to Monroe afterwards that can seem long.

Journal Entry:

Friday and Saturday: January 4- 5, 2008.

Friday was bitterly cold when I left Monroe. I always like to have my table outside the store in the French Quarter (it doubles sales), so I dressed for cold weather. Friday was quite chilly, but Saturday warmed up nicely till the afternoon and temperatures dropped again. Note to self on weather: I much prefer warmer days here.

LSU Tigers are scheduled to play the Ohio Buckeyes on Monday (today), so the city was FULL of folks wearing either purple and gold or red and white. I’m told tickets were hundreds of dollars (as were many hotel rooms). Do people really have that kind of money? Anyway, the city was packed. This is one game I may break down and watch.

Sounds: I hated the loud pipe organ that played periodically. Sounded too much like a circus. And it was REALLY loud (and therefore quite annoying). A couple of local high school bands performed at the walk near Caf