My Guitars

I’ve loved and played guitars all my life. The image of my father holding his Fender Broadcaster is probably my earliest memory. He wanted me to learn to play guitar, but he never commanded me to. Yet, when I asked, I knew then that my playing guitar had been a dream of his. Continuing my various writing exercises, I decided to make a list of the guitars I’ve owned in my life and see what memories, feelings, and ideas surface. I began by playing his guitars, then when he saw I was serious, he bought me some. After I started working as a teen I had to use my money of course. I think I got the order right.

1. A blue Silvertone electric. We purchased this from Sears. Strings were way too high and butchered my finger tips, but I played on till I had built up good callouses.

2. A Fender Mustang.
3. A Fender Sunburst Stratocaster. (God, was I stupid for ever getting rid of this!)

4. A red Mosrite guitar like the Iron Butterfly played. (I did see them in concert too.)

5. A red Gibson SG. I sold it to Kenny Bill Stenson when I married. He still has it I believe. (Again, selling it was stupid. I mean, how many times can a man get the dumb ass? Probably a rhetorical question.)

6. An American made classical guitar. It was made of cedar and had a bright, bright sound. This was about the time I began a study of classical guitar.

7. A classical guitar made by Fernando Vera.

8. A white Fender Squire Stratocaster. (slight regression in quality)

9. An old Guild accoustic which I love and still have. This is the guitar I use to perform for small groups.
10. A black Takamine electrified accoustic . This is the guitar I use for most gigs. I quite enjoy playing this one.

When I was playing the Gibson SG, I remember my date saying, “You live in a world of six strings.” Our date was my taking her to hear us play. I think then, guitar was an obsession. Now, I just want to enjoy the instrument and continue to develop as a perfomer. Are there more guitars in my future? Probably, but who knows for sure.