First Episode of the Tudors

I watched the first episode of Showtime’s Tudors last night. I enjoyed it tremendously, but I wished I had read more of the back story. I’ll be caught up on Henry next week. I wish I had the script so I could analyze it along with my reading of the story of Henry. Here’s the official Tudor site:
My weekend has flown by. Friday night was spent at Enoch’s, listening to an Irish singer, Gerry O’Bierne.$132  I was out much too late and imbibed too much as well. Saturday was spent helping  a friend with his truck in the morning, recovering from Friday night, and wrapping up business with my Battleground Louisiana project.

Saturday night I went to see The 300. I love the story of the three hundred Spartans, but I did not like this movie generally. I did enjoy some of the actors, many of the scenes, and thought several of the lines of dialogue were really good. This movie was based on the epic graphic novel of Frank Miller, and the movie had the feel of a graphic  novel as well. I’ve never been into the cartoon/digital thing. However, if the movie makes my students interested in Greece that could be a good thing. My freshmen are soon to begin a mythology unit, so perhaps we can discuss this movie.
This week is a four-day work week, as school is let out on Good Friday. We’re having the local clan to my house this weekend, so that means some preparations will be necessary. I’m looking forward to the Easter break so I can get caught up on my writing work. If you’re interested in learning more about Easter’s history and customs, go to this site: