Ladies of the Tower

A few years ago, I taught theatre at Seagoville High School.  The high point of my year there occurred with my Theatre II class with the performance of Ladies of the Tower, a one act play by Ruth Perry and Tim Kelly. The play required a cast of nine females, and my girls really got into the play.  Like the historical women of the play, my girls were beautiful and about the same age.

The Dramatic Publishing site says this of the play: The Tower of London provides the setting for this provocative play. Two cleaning women come to scrub down a forgotten room and are visited by the spirits of the ladies who met death inside the dark walls. Each is doomed by her own bitterness to walk the Tower. What is particularly interesting is their youth: Lady Jane Grey (15), Queen Catherine Howard (19) and Lady Rochford (18). Much of the dialogue is taken directly from historical record. In a brief overlapping of the present and the past, there is a touching scene of communication and understanding that sets the embittered women free of their bondage to the past. Bare stage w/props. To read more of the play go to:

Thinking of the coming series on Showtime, The Tudors,  I thought again of this play and how Henry, though not present on stage in Ladies of the Tower, permeates the play. You can read about the six wives of Henry here: