Beth Patterson at Enoch’s

Tonight, I went to Enoch’s, Monroe’s Irish Pub, with my fellow band member, Tom, and heard one of my favorite Celtic performers, Beth Patterson. She was in fine form tonight. The weather was warm enough that we were able to hear her perform outside on the pub’s patio. I stayed until midnight. There was a good crowd tonight, bascially there were two different crowds that drifted in, and all were really into the music. Beth knows how to work a crowd, and she had them laughing at her jokes (she is brilliant) and even singing along with some songs. Bold, sometimes naughty, sometimes irreverant, the people in the audience adored her. I loved her show. One example of a joke she told: What do the 6th Sense and the Titanic have in common? Icy dead people.

Beth has a My Space site:

You can also find much about her music here: