Jefferson, Texas: Thoughts of Friday

My head is reeling from hearing so many good speakers Friday morning and afternoon. I’ll have much more to say about the speakers, topics, and my observations in future posts. Last night, I was out till 11:30 pm. At the Bull Durham Theatre here in Jefferson, I saw a play.  A Wonderful performance in a historic theatre. Here is the play’s description from the playhouse’s site:

 THE SUNSHINE BOYS – Dinner Theatre

by Neil Simon

THE SUNSHINE BOYS is filled with sparkling dialogue about a long-ago-broken-up vaudeville comedy team named Lewis & Clark who are convinced to reunite for a network television special. However, these two grumpy old men can’t stand each other anymore, and their mutual crankiness produces both hilarious and heartwarming moments. When a major television network decides to do a special on the history of comedy, they call on the famous vaudeville team of Lewis & Clark. However, the two aging comedy stars haven’t spoken in years and must be persuaded to work together. Willie Clark is a diehard New Yorker who lives and breathes show business. The stubborn and slovenly actor still auditions for work, although he can’t remember his lines. Al Lewis walked out on the team’s final show to retire and move to New Jersey with his wife and kids, much to the chagrin of his show-loving partner. The two eccentric characters are complete opposites who worked together as a comic powerhouse in the past, known in their heyday as the Sunshine Boys. Reminiscent of THE ODD COUPLE, THE SUNSHINE BOYS is a theatre experience to treasure, with all its emotional ups and downs, laughter and tears.


Andrew Looney as Willie Clark

Lindsay Lebell as Nancy Silverman

Bill Smith as Al Lewis

Dan Harrigan as the Patient

Helaina Patrick as Nurse MacIntosh