First Day at Jefferson

Yesterday, I arrived in Jefferson just in time time to attend the Author/Speaker/Media  Reception sponsored by the House of Seasons Bed & Breakfast on South Alley Street. Leonarto DeVino, aka church Gray, had a hilarious presentation of his book, The Da Vino Code.  If you love thematic playfulness with words, you will love his book. I met so many cool authors from so many places. Kathy Patrick asked me to play my guitar and sing a couple of songs, then I accompanied a wonderful singer, Wava as she sang a couple of songs.    After more wine and cheese/snacks, we moved on to the Bull Durham Playhouse in Jefferson for  a gumbo supper.   Today is full of workshops at the United Methodist Church here, and tomorrow’s sessions will be at the  Jefferson High School.  Tonight, we’ll attend dinner theatre:  The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon at the Bull Durham Playhouse.

Last night, I met a fascinating writer, Rosemary Poole-Carter.  I also obtained her new novel, Women of Magdalene. Here is a short summary from the back cover:

“The women of Magdalene are dying and no one seems to care, least of the haughty Dr. Kingston, the director of the genteel Ladies’ Lunatic Asylum.  Set in the shattered post-Civil War South, Women of Magdalene is a beautiful tale of deception, betrayal, greed and self-sacrifice.”

I’ll give a full review after I’m finished reading it.