Jed Marum’s Lonestar Stout: A Review

Jed Marum’s newest CD is Lone Star Stout. The CD cover says it is a collection of Irish favorites with a Texas/Louisiana twist. The songs are mostly traditional, featuring Jed on guitars, banjo, banjola, and vocals, and his son Jaime on the octave mandolin. The CD was engineered by Travis Ener and Nolan Brett, mastering.

This is currently my favorite of Jed Marum’s CD, the quality of sound is excellent, and the songs moving and fascinating.  Here are some of the pieces I especially enjoyed:

“Back Home in Derry”  Jed’s version of this song is the best I’ve heard. It was written by Bobby Sands (IRA soldier who died on hunger strike) for his comrades from Derry who were in the H-Blocks. He performed this song at the nightly concerts they used to have in the Blocks, singing it out through the keyhole.

There are some traditional pieces such as “Risin of the Moon,” “Grace,” a ballad I plan on devoting a whole entry to in the future; “Foggy Dew,” “Black Velvet Band,” “Wild Colonial Boy,” “Spancil Hill,” and “Goodbye Mick.”  These songs are sure to stir the blood of any Irish patriot or rebel.

Jed takes us into New Orleans with his rendition of “St. James Infirmary,” and then to East Texas with his version of “Red River Valley” that ties Ireland to Texas and Louisiana.

Jed’s singing and guitar work on this CD are superb. If you ever get a chance to hear Jed in a live performance, you will not be disappointed. He is a musician you can appreciate, and if you’re a musician yourself, one you can emulate. You can find out more about him, his busy schedule, and his music here:

lone star stout