The Long Nose of the Law . . .

I just read a very thoughtful article by Jacob Sullum on the Reason Online website. The article is entitled, Latter-Day Taint: Who will rescue the children of Yearning for Zion Ranch from their rescuers? The author articulated some of the concerns I’ve felt ever since I heard the news of our government taking all the children away from the parents of this religious group. And it’s not because I like to watch Big Love on HBO. I was encouraged that so many lawyers perceived there was a problem and offered their services to the group for free. Regardless of whether one agrees with the group’s practices, polygamy does have a Biblical precedent. However, if you believe Big Brother Government can do no wrong or that the Church of Big Government has a right to determine societal mores, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading the article because you won’t like it. Here’s the link:

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  1. As you know, I’ve been following this story since it first broke and my emotions and ideas have run the gamut of “how dare they” thoughts on both sides of the issue. This last comment from the article (and I can’t believe I’m quoting a lawyer) …church attorney Rod Parker aptly summed up this way: “If you’re a member of this religious group, then you’re not allowed to have children.” is indeed a very strong argument. And again, as happens far too often in our society, who will suffer most no matter what the outcome of this fiasco? The children, of course. Sad, but true.

    Rickey, thank you for sharing this article.

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