Gone to Texas (Again)

Today, I’m off to work with the Celtic Festival in Bedford, TX. I’ll be back Sunday, but I’ll try to make a post or two during my travels. I’ll be working the children’s area there. If you go this page, you can see the kinds of activities they have planned for the kids. I especially liked this slogan in the language of Brittany: Kentoc’h mervet eget am zoatran – Rather Dead Than Soiled. I intend to study more on Brittany in the future. Here’s a good site if you want to look into this Celtic nation.

Sunday, October is my mother’s birthday (She, appropriately considering the type of explorer in life she is. was born on Columbus day!) I had intended to write her a poem for her birthday, but I’m behind on poems I owe people. I hope to see her briefly this weekend. Like was true with my father, I couldn’t remember the last time I spent any of her birthday with her. Her name is Jessie Fae. Isn’t that a good Southern name? Oh, the stories she has.

This self-employment as an author, storyteller, and musician requires much more time and work than people realize. I remember my naive thought when I began: Oh, I’ll have soooo much more time! I wish that were true.  However, at least one thing is true: I’m finally doing what I truly want to do.  I’ll try to post something with more content soon.