Confederate Song Lyrics

Certain songs have an ability to take you into memories that are still vivid, though you may not have thought of them at all. The song’s lyrics I’m posting tonight, reminded me of my boyhood interest in the Civil War and the Civil War trading cards called the Civil War News that we used to buy at the 7-11. We would stop and buy a package or two as we walked home from school. We would trade and talk about them. (I don’t think kids talk about the Civil War like they used to) Several of us walked around school with our hands or pockets full of them. I never was able to get the whole set, though I think a reissue is available now. I wish I had kept them for I think they would be valuable. Here is a good article about those cards. I’ve decided I’m going to obtain a set of those if I can, even if I can only get reproductions. You can find a site with two pages showing these cards here:

This is the card I most remember from the set:

civil war news

Here are the song lyrics to “Mr. Confederate Man” by the group, Rebel Son. I hope to learn this song for my Civil War show. You can hear the song here. The Rebel Son website is here:


I was just a little boy
in elementary school
English and Math and Science class
learning the golden rules
I learned how to add and how to subtract
and how to multiply and divide
I learned about bugs and I learned about plants
and I learned how to read and write
but my most favorite class of all
was the last class of the day
when my history teacher would tell us tales
of old times long gone away
I was amazed at the way she knew all the people
and their names and the places and the dates