A long week

Last week I obtained a table at the Louisiana Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. It also turned out that I was asked to be the featured speaker. It seems their plans for a speaker had fallen through at the last minute. I made some sales, and got some good publicity for m book.

Monday, I drove to El Dorado. Arkansas, after school and did a reading. I read “The Taking of Jim Limber.” That story always seems to work well, and it also unsettles people to know that it is based on a real historical incident. I also approached two library systems and one independent bookstore to set up signings.

This Saturday, I drove to Savannah, TN where some other Southern patriots had gathered to raise money for a Confederate monument. I stopped at five stores along the way. You get the idea. I gave them a discount form I use for them to order books and went through my “buy back” policy. Lots of work to do in this brutal business.