5 More Days of Kids

I know it sounds pathetic, but I’m actually counting down the days of school left. I’m a tired, frazzled teacher.

Every year about this time I tell myself this will be my year–for some reason I think of years as beginning with the school term instead of Jan. I have an AP certification workshop to attend this summer, and a Gifted symposium to attend–that will be two weeks of my summer shot. Nevertheless, I had a good summer for writing last year, and intend to do the same this year. School also will be beginning at 8:30 instead of 7:30 next year, so I can finally get back into the writing routine that works best for me–writing two hours every day first thing. Since Bastrop is 25 miles away, I must get up at 5 AM just to get to work on time at 7:00. Yep, I think next year is THE year.