School news: There’s more to teaching than teaching. For example, I have bus duty in the afternoon for the next two weeks, so I’m hoping for good weather. Also, Bastrop High School has its prom this weekend. It’s always a big event for the upper class students. Many are quite excited, and I’m sure for many of them it will be a life-changing, once-in-a-lifetime event.  I’ve only been to one dance in my life that I could say that about. It wasn’t a prom, and the January weather was terrible, but it was still wonderful. That evening of dancing seems so long ago, but it is one that will forever be in my memory.

Tonight, Tom and I have to set up our equipment in the West Monroe Civic Center for a wedding that we are going to DJ tomorrow night. (I may make a post on that wedding if it’s interesting enough). He has to take his twins (William and Robert) to a ball game, so we need to be done with that chore by six. Friday night, I’ll probably hang out with some friends at a bar, or I may do a photographic shoot to illustrate some of my writing. I haven’t decided yet on that.  Tomorrow at noon, I enter Booklocker’s 24 Hour Short Story Contest again. Wish me luck. The company advertises the contest as the ultimate stress maker. That’s true, but the contest is also fun and I always end up with another good story. Sunday, my Scots-Irish band plays at Covenant Presbyterian Church here for the Kirkan of the Tartans. I think the best way to define this Kirkan is as  a Scottish celebratory Eucharistic service remembering the dead and honoring the clans. I’m looking forward to it. I’m sure I’ll meet some interesting folks there.