Under a Comanche Moon and Other Stories

7551cvrMy collection of short stories in entitled Under a Comanche Moon and Other Stories.


These seventeen stories came about as a result of my interest in and exploration of history, human nature, love and loss. AIR ZOOM VOMERO 11 Some of the stories confronted me with the darker side of my own and others’ natures. Some of the stories were colored or shaped by localities I have lived or traveled through. cheap adidas uk Others were the result of my observations of people and the serendipity of discoveries in my research. Nike Air Max Tavas damskie When I look at the list of these stories, I’m looking at twenty years of my life. Nike Air Max Goedkoop My literary career began with a reading in my freshman composition class in college of Ernest Hemingway’s “A Clean Well Lighted Place.” So, it was a short story that pushed me into the world of literature. buy albion gold There have been other writers since Hemingway who have shaped me by their short stories—many others. I’ve read aloud many of these stories in public venues and the response has been positive. Nike Pas Cher It is my hope that you will find these stories interesting, perhaps even helpful in your own quest to understand human nature or develop your own writing. There are so many who have been of invaluable help to my writing—many of whom spent many hours reading, editing, discussing my manuscripts and characters, and encouraging me on those days when I was discouraged or struggling to try to make my writing work. Without friends like these, I never would have found my voice and developed my craft.

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  • I especially thank Billy Dunn who did more than anyone to help me develop the craft of writing. Mens Air Jordan 10 1. “Under a Comanche Moon” – a western, set in Texas in the last year of the War Between the States. cheap albion gold This is actually a key chapter in a novel I’m writing. 2. Zapatillas PURE BOOST “The Heart is Not Made of Bone” – set in Sierra Leone. A heartbreaking story of Blood Diamonds, Boy Soldiers, and a priest. cheap albion gold Won a prize from Narrative Magazine. Adidas Goedkoop 3. The Lost Bazaar – Set in West Monroe. 4. “A Very Small Splash” – A study of friends and betrayal set in Acapulco. 5. albion gold “Apollo Descends” – A story of a father and son and the secret barn fights in the Red River Valley. Arkansas Razorbacks As you may know, Apollo is credited with giving us the sport of boxing. adidas superstar hombre 6. “Adrift in Charleston” – Set in Charleston S.C. This is actually a chapter from a novel I’m writing with the same title. 7. Nike Roshe Run Motif Homme cheap bns gold “Days of the Dead “- Set during the Day of the Dead festival in Culiacan. A study of family love and loyalty and the price one can pay for that. 8. “A Gift from Erin” – A member of the Irish Republican Army comes to New York. 9. Goedkoop Nike Schoenen 2017 “Bodies in the Trinity” – A modern version of the La Llorona story. albion silver 10. “Ghost Fires” – This story won the Ernest Hemingway Short Story Competition in 1998. Set in Northern Canada. You’ll never look at the Northern Lights the same way. 11. “A Dark Corner in Dallas” – A murder story. 12. “Like a Good German Soldier” – A story of young boy’s epiphanies regarding his father, a neighbor, and history. 13. “Little Rose and the Confederate Cipher” – A story of the daughter of the most famous Confederate female spy. buy albion silver 14. cheap albion silver “No Brakes” – A story of friendship and self-destruction. 15. nike air max 2016 heren “Chinde”- A modern version of a Navaho ghost story. 16. buy albion gold “Green Irish Eyes” – An American meets the Irish Republican Army. Nike Air Max 2017 męskie 17. “Clean Nets” – Set in the Red River Valley. nike air max 1 essential uomo A story of a fisherman and his love and knowledge of the Red River.