Ulster-Scots on the Coast of Maine by John T. Mann: A Short Review

I am a passionate student of history generally and especially all things Celtic. I was greatly and pleasantly surprised to come across a copy of Ulster-Scots on the Coast of Maine by John T. Mann. The book contains unique photographs, and has maps as well as a fascinating narrative. Another of the forgotten stories of history that I’m fond of promoting.

The books back cover says that John T. Mann is a professional land surveyor. He set out to write a report on the background and location of the Means Massacre. This is an unbelievable (but true) story of “interconnected families, forced by religious, political and economic circumstances to abandon not just one, but two homelands . . . The introduction of Ulster Scots immigrants to the Kennebec Settlement intentionally put them at the center of conflict for the domination of North America. These famnilyes were forced to confront both the French and Indian alliance and then the British Empire . . . .”

If you have interest in American History, especially concerning the involvement of the Scottish and Scots-Irish, you need to obtain this book. It can be purchased from the St. Andrews Society of Maine. Their website is here:  The pdf order form for the book is here.

I intend to use this information in my early American Literature college class. Mann and the St. Andrews Society in Maine has done Scottish people everywhere a great favor by producing such a fine little book.  As it is entitled, Vol. I, I am eagerly waiting for the sequel.