Trip to Natchez, Mississippi

My wife and I decided to celebrate our anniversary by a trip out of town.  We arrived in Natchez–a town we’ve always wanted to explore–yesterday around noon, eating lunch at Slough Daddy’s in Vidalia. From there we moved on to the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians, a site/park I’ve always wanted to see. Then, on to the visitor’s center, where the store manager began a talk about Pelican Publishing and books in general. I was delighted to find out she would be ordering my books for the Visitor Center there! As Jefferson Davis is quite popular in Natchez, this city is a natural match for my book, Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House.
We stayed in the Eola Hotel in downtown Natchez, in a room with a king bed, balcony and view of the river. Here’s a link about this beautiful hotel if you want to take a look.  As it rained the rest of the afternoon, we were unable to walk the streets of Natchez as we had planned, but it’s cleared up so we’ll do it this morning.
As usual when I travel, I’m brainstorming marketing tactics and creating stories in my head.  We’re on our way now to breakfast and either a carriage or bus tour of the city. I’ll post more later.