Tombstone: The Movie

As I was doing busy work related to my writing business on my iBook tonight, I watched the movie, Tombstone again. All my life, I’ve loved good cowboy movies. Every time I visit my parents in Kemp, Oklahoma, I’m reminded of that, for they only watch three types of tv: wrestling, soap operas, and westerns. (The Western Channel is on constantly). There’s something about this movie that keeps drawing me back to it. Tonight, I noticed some particular lines. I found the movie’s script here:

Here are the lines that got my attention tonight. It’s the scene where Wyatt and Josephine “accidentally” run into each other:

Oh look, I haven’t got time to be
Proper, I want to live.  I’m a
woman, I like men.  If that’s
Unladylike then I guess I’m not a
Lady.  At least I’m honest.

Well you’re different, no arguing
That.  But you’re a lady all right.
I’ll take my oath on it.

He looks at her, enchanted, but suddenly his face clouds.

What’s wrong?

I don’t know, doesn’t make any
Sense.  I almost can’t look at
You.  Like it hurts.

I know, me too.  What should we do
About it?

And if you’ve seen the movie, you know the happy ending and what they did about it.