Thoughts on Father’s Day: What is a father?

Today is a tough entry. I have two fine children: Rachel, a RN at St. Francis Hospital; Zachary, a surveyor; and I have two grandchildren through Rachel, Mason (age 3 years) and Davis (a few days old). I’m not sure though I could call myself a good father, or that I even know what a good father is. I think my father was a good one. He was strict, but not too overbearing, totally devoted

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Father’s Day: What is a father?

  1. I know this song very well! I remember hearing it for the first time when I was a kid and bawled my eyes out. I’m a Daddy’s Girl and that song will forever remind me of my dad, a strong, good-hearted, farmer. Thanks for posting that.


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