Thoughts from Houston

After a late exit from Monroe, I began my trip to the Houston area. I spent an hour at the Leesville, Louisiana library. The director was not only interested in my book, but also wants to book me as a performer for their annual Music Odyssey and some other author/music events this next year. The library there has a wonderful facility.

I arrived at the home of the Frantom’s later than I expected, but at least shortly after dark and having experienced beautiful weather the whole trip. I had not been to Houston in over 14 years. To say the area has changed and that the bad traffic then is worse now would be an understatement, litotes.  Fortunately, they have wireless so I was able to make this short post.  I found short blurb about my book signings in the book section of Zest, the little magazine that comes with the Houston Chronicle. 

This is the weekend for the North Texas Irish Festival. I had such a good time last year. I love the Celtic festivals, and next year with the introduction of my Scottish ABC Book, I intend to make many of the festivals. More later.