The Self Health Revolution by J. Michael Zenn

The past year I’ve tried to pay more attention to taking care of my health. There were several factors: the death of my younger brother (who didn’t take care of himself) the realization that I would be the one to care for my parents, and some other personal losses that caused me to feel the ephemeral nature of existence and the realization of mortality. I quit smoking, made some other changes, and did some reading on health. I found one book, The Self Health Revolution by J. Michael Zenn that is inspirational and packed with the common sense details and a ten-day plan that I think even I can follow.  Zenn’s website is here: I’ve heard the author speak and he is an excellent motivational speaker. Do yourself a favor and check out his site and his book that has been adopted by Whole Foods.

Here is what the Health guru Harvey Diamond said of this book:

What a masterful and inspired job of bringing together a mountain of lifesaving information into one blazing page turner. If ever there was a single book anyone interested in his or her health and well being should read without fail, this is it! This ground breaking, common-sense, eye opening read will show you the hidden reasons why so many people are getting sicker, growing fatter, feeling older than their years, and dying younger than they should. J. Michael Zenn will show you how you can quickly take control of your own Self Health and determine your own health destiny. Are you as fit as you wish to be? Do you have the energy you desire? Are you free from pain, ill health and disease? Are you aging faster than you would like? Discover how you can directly determine how long and how well you will live. Michael and I share many similarities on our healing journeys. He too began to study nutrition as a means to overcome serious health problems that baffled the medical community. Let Michael show you the powerful evidence that will convince any common sense person that our Self Health destiny is totally within our grasp. Read this book now, put it into practice, and share it with the people you love. You will be glad for the rest of your long and healthy life.
—Harvey Diamond
Best-selling health writer of all time, Author of Fit for Life, One of the top 25 best-selling books in history (along with the Gone With the Wind and the Bible).