The Luck of the Irish

Today, I presented a program at Waskom, Texas High School. I’ve really never seen a better behaved and polite group of high school students. My program was my Scots-Irish program, with a show and tell table, but the rest of the day was spent performing mostly Scottish or Irish music. I’ve been invited back next year, so I think it went well. I’m tired, but I feel inspired and motivated because of the encouraging students and teachers I talked to today. I wore my kilt, and I know I exposed the young scholars to many facts about Scotland and Ireland they’ve never known about. It was a lucky day for me. I woke at 3:00 am, arose at 3:30 am, dressed and drove on to Waskom, 124 miles from my house.

Reading List:

I’ve received in the mail two books I must read and review soon: One is by Lisa Wingate, entitled, Talk of the Town. The other is My Soul to Keep by Melanie Wells. I’ll read them and post their reviews. They both have GREAT openings, so my gut feeling is that I will give them good reviews.