The Little Confederate’s Night Before Christmas

For now, this poem may be shared as long as my name, email and website are posted with it. I thought it would be a good Christmas Eve post.

The Little Confederate’s Night Before Christmas ©by Rickey E. Pittman

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the South,
Folks waited for Santa
To come to their house.

The war was going on,
And folks were afraid,
That Christmas would be canceled
Because of the Yankee blockade!

The soldiers were weary
From marching in groups,
But all looked for Santa
From the old to the youth!

They sang Christmas carols,
Like “Silent Night,’
And set up Christmas trees,
With candles for lights.

Strings of popcorn,
On branches they wind,
Other ornaments were made
Out of what they could find.

Some were of glass,
Or of wood carved by hand,
Decked with ribbons and ivy,
The tree looked so grand!

As Mama sets the table
For Santa’s midnight snack,
She hopes the night is peaceful
And the Yankees don’t attack.

Then up in the sky
She hears the clatter and rattle
Of rifles and cannon,
She knows there’s a battle!

It must be Santa
Chargin’ through Yankee lines!
On his way to Dixie,
As he did in better times.

The Yankees fired their muskets,
And twelve-pounder cannons,
Mortars and Swamp Angels,
But Santa kept comin’!

He rode on a caisson,
Made of rough timber,
And sitting beside him
Was the orphan Jim Limber!

A team of eight mules,
Pulled them at great speed,
Antlers tied to their heads,
With Traveler in the lead!

Great Rebel Generals,
Gathered and gave him a salute,
Light glistened from their swords,
And their black polished boots!

Generals Lee and Stonewall,
Pickett and Kirby,
Forrest and Taylor,
Stand Watie and Early!

Santa stopped in Richmond
To greet Jefferson Davis,
And said, Feliz Navidad!
To Colonel Santos Benavides!

Santa urged his team on
Through all the Southern states,
He carried presents and cheer,
And he must not be late!

Down the stick and mud
Chimney he came,
Rolling and laughing
Like he was playing a game,

Soot and gunpowder
Had made his face black,
And he looked like a sutler
With that big sack on his back!

He was dressed in gray wool,
Brogans on his feet,
A kepi on his head,
Coated with icy sleet!

He sat down at the table,
And drank some iced tea!
Then a hot cup of coffee
With just a drop of whiskey,

He spotted the platter
Of gravy and steak,
Corn pones and biscuits,
Fried Okra and cake.

He ate all the food,
Like a starving young soldier,
He rose to his feet,
And nearly fell over!

He stuffed all the stockings
With all kinds of toys,
Whirli-jigs and tops,
For the good little boys.

The girls got dolls,
With calico dresses,
And candy and hairpins,
For their pretty long tresses.

And I heard Santa exclaim
As he sped out of sight,
Merry Christmas to Ya’ll,
And to all a goodnight!