The Confession: by Olen Steinhauer

Last night I finished my first novel of the year, Olen Steinhauer’s The Confession.  I found this novel to be a gripping read, reminding me once again how we should eschew the  cultic philosophy of communism. It is a dark and gray world Steinhauer portrays, haunting and surreal, but the reader knows Steinhauer has captured the truth of communist Hungary in the years after WWII.  You will be horrified by the “logic of terror” used by the politicians to control the lives of Hungary’s citizens.

Book Signing News: 

I arrived home last night from a very long day at Jacksonville College in East Texas.  I met so many interesting people and made a great number of contacts, introducing them to my books and to the programs I do in schools.  I did schedule a couple of events that I must place on my calendar on my website, Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Books-A-Million in Baton Rouge. I’ll begin early and will try to stay until the books are all sold.  Then hopefully I will have the time to drive to Ruston to hear Jed Marum perform for the Lee-Jackson Banquet at the Sons of Confederate Veterans camp there.