The Celtic South

North Louisiana was settled largely by the Scots-Irish and Welsh, so much so that this part of the state is referred to as Celtic Louisiana.

If you enjoy Celtic and Confederate music, I thought the following might be of interest to you. DixieBroadcasting will be interviewing me again soon.

Celtic Confederate Week” on DixieBroadcasting!

All this week, enjoy lectures, speeches, and more Celtic music at DixieBroadcasting! And if you cant get enough, take a look at the special lectures & speeches offered in this week’s “Boxed Set” from the Southern Liberty Store at DixieBroadcasting! To listen, go here:

Here are some highlights of the speeches offered:

The South’s Celtic Background

There’s a reason that the South is different culturally from the Yankee Empire… it’s due, in large part, to the Celtic influence that settlers from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales brought to the shores of Dixie for more than two centuries as the largest people group to settle south of the Mason-Dixon line. Love of kith and kin, love of the land, itself… and a fierce and abiding love of liberty! Even if you’re not Celtic, you’ll enjoy learning how much the South owes to our Celtic heritage!

This Set Includes:

Michael Hill: “The Highland Clearances & Southern Reconstruction”
The similarities between the treatment that Southerners received from our American Yankee oppressors during Reconstruction and the treatment that the Scots received from the English Yankee tyrants for thousands of years… is striking! Learn about the historical treatment of the Scots and the attempt at their cultural genocide… and how it parallels the South today.

Thomas Fleming: “Scots & Southerners”
The culture of the South is certainly Anglo-Celtic, with a greater degree of Celtic than any other region on the American continent. Find out why this has been important in the development of Southern culture and learn just what the uniquely Celtic elements of our culture are.

Frank Walsh: “Our Southern Music Heritage”
If you have any interest at all in the stirring music of our Southern traditions, then this message is a MUST! Delivered by Frank Walsh of the 12th Louisiana String Band, this presentation will give both a musical and historical background of our Southern musical heritage… and you wont be surprised to find out the Celtic connection to much of that heritage!

James Kibler: “Out of the Box: An Irish Lesson”
Much has been written and spoken about the possibilities for a restored Southern republic in our future. Professor James Kibler, a genuine Southern agrarian and literary master, presents a compelling case for Southerners to think “outside the box” of traditional American politics in search of the will that is necessary to reclaim independence… and the Irish will to win their independence is the natural lesson for Southerners to study.