Sunday Morning

Book Tour News:

Yesterday, I spoke at the Midwinter Librarian’s Conference and signed books and set up school and public library programs through the afternoon. The weather was horrible, I had car trouble (dead battery, which I’ll have to resolve Monday) and had to hitch a ride to the conference. Last night, I locked myself in my hotel room and wrote for about eight hours. I entered the Booklocker 24 hour short story contest they offer every quarter and I enter four times a year. The story I submitted was entitled, “Little Rose and the Confederate Cipher.” I had until noon today to email the story in, but I managed to get it done by about midnight. Here was the topic mailed  at noon yesterday that all competitors were expected to base their stories on:
“She always kept the object safe and close to her. Mama made
her repeat the promise over and over again during those last
days. “I will never show it to a living soul. I will never
show it to a living soul.”

She cried about Mama less now, not as much as she had
before. She was missing Mama now as she did each night when
she removed her scuffed shoes. She then carefully peeled the
gray sock off her foot, and waited for the familiar object
to fall out. Nothing happened. Panicked, she quickly turned
her sock inside-out. It was gone.”

This topic seemed a little longer than previous one, but I thought it had grand possibilities. (I do wonder who comes up with these convoluted topics though) I may post the story I wrote once winners are declared in 3-4 weeks.  Here is a rule a writer should have about writing competitions: Write it, submit it, and forget it.  Though one feels pressure in timed competitions like this, that may be a good thing. And even if don’t win, I’ve written another good story.  I’m going to try to discipline myself to enter at least one contest every month.

The Sinking of the C.S.S. Alabama

Though I usually don’t recommend videos, here is a short and well-made one I found that should interest any Civil War student.

This morning I’m packing up and heading back to Monroe. Hopefully the car will start.  The rest of the day will likely be spent with chores. February is right around the corner. If you check my calendar on my personal website you’ll see that I’ll be very busy.