Sunday Before Mobile

My signing at the Books-A-Million in Jackson, MS was another sell-out. Once again, I signed and sold every book of mine in the store. The manager extended an invitation for me to return for signings in the future. While Vicksburg was a tough crowd (probably because they have the store in a dying mall), the Jackson residents who came through the BAM in Jackson seemed more open and sharp. I arrived at 10:30 am and buzzing from caffeine, I left at 4:00 pm. Today is a day of chores, planning, and preparation for my university classes Monday and for my very important Mobile, Alabama trip.  I’ll spend the night in the Mobile area Monday, and then Tuesday sign books, perhaps sight-see, maybe visit some schools to encourage teachers to come to my presentation at Barnes and Noble that night from 4-7:00 p.m. I know this is a brief entry, but perhaps I’ll put something else up later. On to my chores.