Steer by the Stars

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, one of my favorite performers is Beth Patterson. I’ve transcribed one of my favorite songs she often performs. It just seemed to speak to me today. One word is in brackets, indicating I could be wrong on the transcription there. Of course I could be in other places too. You need to buy this CD of hers. It’s called, Hybrid Vigor. Here’s the song, “Steer by the Stars.”

Steer by the Stars by Beth Patterson

With twilight descending, in slumber you find

And I am certain that I have safely passed from your mind

Only then can I serenade you unconfined

In the secrecy of my heart


Do you shine bright as always

As in [sadness] of old

Do you sing with four voices,

Or breathe hot and cold

Do you nurture my memory

Or yet still behold another creature of some land apart



How can a blind man steer by the stars?

And how can a poor man have power?

How can a dead man rise from the grave,

And how can I have hope in this hour?


I desired no promise, only your company,

And I flourished in your presence, most wholeheartedly,

Though I still would rejoin you, I face reality,

It attracts me from dusk until dawn


Now we all take our chances of what we became, but

Only fools would rush in where an angel’s been slain,

And the sound of far voices, you still call my name

Even though your presence is gone.




Free from all envy and free from all pride

I marveled at your joy

As I walked by your side


And I wish not to taint you

With the aspects I hide

Of my past, my thoughts, and my fears


When time finally tempers this heart sick and sore

And your eyes no longer dance in my dreams anymore,

I will still sing your praises of a time long before

I was blinded by so many tears.