St. Patrick’s Day 2007

I had a busy, very busy St. Patrick’s Day.  I used the morning for Internet marketing work for my books.  I’ve already received three personal and interested responses to my queries that may lead to some brisk sales. That quick response took me by surprise because I wrote these contacts on a Saturday, and I expected to not hear from any until Monday, when the proper work week began.

At 1:30 p.m. I met my fellow band members at the main branch of the Monroe Public Library. We are Angus Dubhghall, a Scots-Irish band. We played some jigs, marches, and reels for the library’s dance troupe that children’s librarian and Irish dancer, Jennifer Schneider, has formed.  The kids she instructs were excited, the parents in attendance proud, and the visitors impressed. As this was our first dance to play for, I was happy that I can now officially call us a dance band.

After the performance at the library, Tom McCandlish and I went to Enoch’s where we sold raffle tickets for Enoch’s annual fund raising for St. Vincent de Paul’s Pharmacy—a very worthy cause. After 2-3 hours, we were relieved by the sisters who work with St. Vincent’s. We spent the rest of the evening talking to friends and meeting new ones. The weather was perfect, the night was festive, and I’m sure St. Patrick feels honored by our devotion to the holiday.

The images of the fast-paced St. Patrick’s Day are still swirling through my mind, but I’m sure they’ll soon settle and I’ll be able to draw writing ideas from them. Arriving home at midnight, I closed the day by writing a poem. State tests begin next week. May St. Patrick help me get through them without losing my mind.