Southern Cities

As I’ve mentioned several times in this blog, I love living in the South. There are several Southern cities I absolutely adore. My favorites are all along the coast: Charleston, SC;  Savannah, GA; and Mobile, AL.  These cities are not only beautiful, but they have retained Southern history and the charm of Southern culture better than many others.

Let’s look at Mobile, for example. Money Magazine included it in the 300 Best Places in the nation to live list.  It has the beautiful bay, museums, a rich culture, and a strong economy. I think it’s the third largest city in Alabama. I intend on doing some exploring there some time.

Charleston is the city I know the best, Savannah the least. I’ve had several posts on Charleston in the past, and will likely have more. The city of Mobile has an official and well-designed site: If you like Southern cities like I do, spend some time checking it out.